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orange-raddish salad
for Satotukku
egg salad
for Passio restaurant
Jussi Hukkanen from Passio
Fine wines at Passio
For Satotukku cookbook
Christmas treat/Satotukku
for Item
for Pasta Factory
for Malaga Bar
for Vaelsa
Jamón in Sevilla
Arbequina ,Cordoba
Johanna's patio
Herring for Juuri cookbook
For hotel Haven
vineyard in Mallorca
For the book "Royal Family"
on a farm
beetroot loaf and chanterelles
Antipasto for Vaelsa
Hotel Haven breakfast
ingredients for glögi
Chef at Nokka
Halloween styling for blog
farm life in Finland
in Sancerre
in Burgundy
chicken tajine
wineyard in Tasmania
for restaurant Juuri cookbook
country style cooking
for restaurant Juuri cookbook
for restaurant Juuri cookbook
wineyard in Yarra
Editorial about Bangkok food scene
editorial for Helsingin Sanomat
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